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From Pastor Dwight C. Jones

Today's First Baptist Church is a vibrant one hundred and eighty three year old congregation that has gotten its second wind. We are unusual, in that the bulk of our membership is between the ages of 25 to 50, with an active youth ministry and an energetic senior population. The First Baptist of Today is approximately 2,200 members strong and growing!

We have two services every Sunday to accommodate the schedules of the hectic pace of society We are a church seriously involved in the study of God's word, with more than three hundred persons going through classes on different issues during the course of a week. We are the home of the Spiritual Development Institute (SDI), our in house training arm, that prepares our members to be conversant in our five areas of emphasis.

The five purposes of our church are Discipleship, Evangelism, Worship, Fellowship, and Ministry. We are a purpose driven church, meaning that we are intentional about pursuing our goals.


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